is to guide you toward your most vibrant life.

Born and raised in Japan, Masami Umezaki is deeply rooted in various healing modalities. Through her work as a Yoga teacher and Thai Body Work practitioner, she expresses her highly empathic and intuitive nature and truly believes this to be her lifework. She has studied many therapeutic techniques, but found Thai Yoga Body Work and Yoga to be the most effective and has chosen to pursue these methods to facilitate healing for her clients. While she has studied many traditions under many teachers, she finds that within each client is a profound teacher.


Now located in New York City, Masami holds various certifications in Thai Yoga Massage, as well as Shiatsu Body Work. Her yoga studies have led to certifications in Restorative, Yin, Vinyasa and Teenage Yoga. She has no intention to stop learning.


— Naomi Edwards

“Every session I've had with Masami has inspired me to be kinder to my mind, body, and spirit. My physical alignment always feels refreshed and awaken from a slumber. Masami has a natural gift for reading the body, releasing blocked energy and making you feel whole again.”