I believe we are all born to express our own unique creativity and share it with the world.


Hey, this doesn’t have to be on a grand scale! Starting with your family, friends, loved one and communities, we each have something to give. I have discovered that my deep calling is healing. Specifically, guiding people to their own healing path through my yoga teaching and Thai Yoga Body Work. My greatest wish is to guide as many people as possible to live the vibrant life they deserve.

I understand life in New York. Like many of you, I came from working in an office setting. My life felt monotonous and my body ached from work stress and long hours in front of a computer. My mind was numb from the same daily routine and exhaustion.


For all it’s culture and excitement, this city is also high paced, demanding, and very stressful. My understanding and compassion come from my own personal experiences and suffering. Be it emotional pain or physical, I work with where you are at this moment, in your current condition and move you to a place of healing and a life well-lived.

- masami

West Village Location


Integral Yoga Institute

227 West 13 Street

New York, NY 10011

Queens Location

Suryaside Yoga Studio

49-06 Skillman Ave

Woodside, NY 111377


Let the healing begin.

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