We are all unique and treatments will vary for each of you. For this reason, rates can vary and I have chosen not to publish here. Please contact me to discuss options, locations and cost. 

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Can you imagine the feeling of simultaneous yoga, meditation, accupressure and massage? This is the feeling of a Thai Yoga Bodywork session.

There is no yoga experience necessary, and you don’t need to be flexible to experience this treatment. You are fully clothed with comfortable attire and guided through a series of reflexology, accupressure, deep tissue massage, myofasical release, and gentle, yet effective stretch.

Proven benefits of the treatment include:

  • Lowering stress thus, reducing cortisol

  • Boosting energy

  • Improving range of motion

  • Improving blood circulation

  • Reducing chronic pain

  • Promoting better sleep

The slow movement of the massage technique introduces the person to experience a genuine level of relaxation. This state of authentic relaxation effectively aids healing what is ailing the individual at the moment. 

60 minute sessions

90 minute sessions


Prenatal Thai Yoga Bodywork nourishes a mom to be as her body prepares for the child birth. Masami is certified in Prenatal Thai Yoga Body Work and enjoys working with moms-to-be. She understands physical and emotional imbalances may come up in each trimester based on her own pregnancy experience as well as those of her pregnant clients. She will guide you through the hustle of morning sickness, lower back pain, leg cramps and bring laughter to these amazing, yet not so fun experiences during the pregnancy. This treatment is very safe and calming for a soon-to-be mammas and perhaps most importantly, this treatment deeply connects you and your unborn child and prepares you both for the birthing process.

60 minute sessions

90 minute sessions



This treatment is for those who have a specific condition unable to receive full body treatment. The person can still receive full benefit of Thai Yoga Bodywork through head and hand, foot massage. Effective pressure of palming and pressing accupresure points and gentle stretch can take the person to the state of bliss. If you find yourself a bit shy about getting a massage, or fearful about being touched, This is a good place to start. Masami started to offer this service for her personal friends who are going through stage of cancer treatments, and she realized that we all deserve vibrant feeling regardless where we are at the moment.

60 minute sessions

90 minute sessions

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This is for partners. Lovers, family members, best friends. Anyone interested in learning how to give and receive nonverbal understanding and compassion. Touching is more powerful than speaking. What can’t be said can be expressed through the art of touching. If you learn how to touch, it can be a very powerful communication tool to enhance your relationships.


In this session, you will learn how to give Thai Yoga massage to each other and then practice on one another with Masami's guidance. By the end of the session, you will have the tools to give a mini massage session anytime. Most importantly, you will gain the skill of understanding with more compassion to your partner.

2 hour & 30 minutes sessions

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There are so many reasons why private yoga lesson is appealing and beneficial. Unlike group classes, private lessons are a ONE TO ONE experience. Masami allows you to set up your own unique intentions, personal goals, and plans to manifest. Based on your private wish, she can create personal routine and practice.

She can work with your hectic schedule, so you don’t need to rush to get to a group class. You can choose the best time and date for your self-care and enjoy your yoga time. She works many clients who find group classes impractical to participate in due to their current health issues. Based on your current health situation, she can focus on your needs to get the most benefit out of your yoga lessons.

60 minute sessions


The main emphasis in the practice of Thai Yoga Massage is to guide you to increase level of wellness and health. It is intended to help you to gain knowledge of health prevention and relaxation. The treatment is in no way to mean to be a substitute for counceling from your helth care professional. Consult your health care professionals if you  have a specific health problems.